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    Links for Thinks – 2022

    We have a weekly email called the Monday Essentials that goes out to our staff and initiatives across the province. Through it, we regularly […]

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    Brain Science Supports Repetition

    Check out this interesting article about how repeated action deepens learning!Written by Peak Wellbeing at Medium.com: The Reason for Repetition: How Repetition Helps Us […]

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    Triple Loop Learning

    We host monthly Inspiring Communities Network sessions during which we aim to talk about and review what we have learned from our work, sharing […]

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    Better Zoom / Video Meeting Guide

    Covering the basics Duncan Ebata shared this great resource from Jan Keck: The Ultimate Zoom Guide for Participants in 2021. At the start of your […]

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    Resources for Covid-19

    Resources for Community Resilience during COVID-19 Resources for Communities and Organizations Resources and Information for Non-Profits and Voluntary Organizations amidst COVID-19, Community Sector Council of […]