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The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. The problems we’re facing are increasingly complex. We need a new generation of leaders with the ability to be comfortable in the unknown, understand systems and interconnections between them, work with a wide range of people and perspectives, and form coalitions for change. 

We offer learning opportunities to help cultivate such leadership skills. Internally, we provide training for those working on the initiatives supported by the nest. We also help develop systems leadership skills for changemakers in the field to help strengthen overall capacity for change.

Through this work we help to strengthen relationships and knowledge so there is greater leadership capacity in the field from diverse perspectives to make the shift to new systems, as well as more knowledge exchange in the field.

We know that change starts from within. Before we can change the systems, we must change mindsets and shift old power structures. Leadership development plays a critical part to ensure that we develop an ecosystem that is ready for building systems based on diverse perspectives, worldviews, and actions.