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Blog: COVID-19

  • better zoom / video meetings guide

    Better Zoom / Video Meeting Guide

    Covering the basics Duncan Ebata shared this great resource from Jan Keck: The Ultimate Zoom Guide for Participants in 2021. At the start of your […]

  • Third Wave

    And so it begins…

    Nova Scotia is in the grips of a fast-moving third wave. I was hoping we would stay on our steady course and keep the impending third wave contained.

  • A spooky, haunting black and white image of a ghostly doctor pulling on gloves emerging from a fog spattered with large spiky corona viruses. The ghostly figure has all-white eyes.

    The Pandemic Predicament

    Dispatches from Digby by Shawnalynn Cromwell Ontario has jumped from the frying pan into the fire!  The premier is asking the Atlantic Provinces for help.  […]

  • Slow War - pandemic image from Pixabay

    The Slow War

    Dispatches from Digby by Shawnalynn Cromwell “Feeling a little scatterbrained,  mentally exhausted, almost on the verge of tears and in a constant state of […]

  • Video Meeting: A woman is casually dressed talking on a laptop call, drinking coffee in her kitchen.

    Better Meetings, Virtually

    Last March, I, like many, had the weird experience of having everyone I work with shrink to a tiny head in a Brady-Bunch-like stack of moving pictures on my computer. It was discombobulating.

  • Keys hang in a door lock. The door is open and there is blurred greenery visible through the doorway.

    That Small Town Appeal

    Dispatches from Digby by Shawnalynn Cromwell The province of Nova Scotia is being invaded by “come-from-aways!”  Canadians are flocking to Nova Scotia for that steal […]