It is time for fresh thinking and bold actions. We must unleash the creativity and resourcefulness of Canadians in all parts of society so that we can tackle the complex and interrelated challenges of the 21st century.

Tim Brodhead

Inspiring Communities is a growing network of staff and partners committed to changing the way government, residents, communities, and businesses tackle complex problems. Our strength lies in our diversity of thinking and experience, and our openness to opportunities for collaboration.

We work with communities who are ready to tackle complex challenges like poverty, addictions, and isolation. We harness the energy and readiness. We create the time, space, and framework for residents to work as equal partners with the public, private, and non-profit sectors. We support backbone structures to coordinate the work.

Our “network of networks” approach to organizing and working helps to leverage relationships and build new ones, providing the framework for lasting, sustainable, innovative change in communities.

Most recently we have entered into the role of a regional “node” with Social Innovation Canada – a national network aimed at connecting changemakers to align for action. We are also in the very early stages of exploring how we might highlight, connect and amplify the work of social innovators across the Atlantic region for greater impact. Our core belief is that we are better together.