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It is time for fresh thinking and bold actions. We must unleash the creativity and resourcefulness of Canadians in all parts of society so that we can tackle the complex and interrelated challenges of the 21st century.

Tim Brodhead

Inspiring Communities, a non-profit based in Nova Scotia, is an equity-centered systems change leader in Atlantic Canada. We aspire to build equitable, thriving communities through connecting communities, creating collaborative partnerships, measuring impact and maintaining a strong and sustainable core. We openly share what we learning. 

Our strategy to transform systems across the region is based on bringing diverse voices to decision-making tables, creating the capacity to act, and fostering a culture of collaboration. We have offices in Digby, Cape Breton and Dartmouth. 

Our Vision

Equitable, thriving communities built on fundamentally reimagined systems.

Our Mission

To achieve our goal of equity, we will innovatively connect communities, create collaborative partnerships, measure our impact and maintain a strong and sustainable core.

Our Strategic Directions

Our four Strategic Priorities are to: 

  • Strengthen Community Connections, 
  • Build On our Collaboration Success, 
  • Demonstrate our Impact Clearly, and 
  • Model Equitable, Efficient & Sustainable Processes.

Read our Strategic Directions 2022 document here.