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It is time for fresh thinking and bold actions. We must unleash the creativity and resourcefulness of Canadians in all parts of society so that we can tackle the complex and interrelated challenges of the 21st century.

Tim Brodhead

There is so much great work happening in Atlantic Canada. We see innovative, fresh ideas and the desire and vision to change how problems are addressed. We also understand the realities of limited resources, inequities and operational demands that exist for local changemakers.

That’s where we come in. We offer a space for social change leaders and initiatives to experiment in a learning environment, receive administrative and evaluation support, share experiences with their peers, and develop their capacity to act. We bring those with lived experience, community organizations, government, businesses and changemakers together, to collectively solve the complex social problems we face today. We are strengthening collaborative change efforts in Atlantic Canada.

We aim to build bridges, amplify diverse perspectives, and collaborate. We believe that the scarcity mindset and fragmentation, that have acted as barriers to change, can be overcome.

Together, a brighter future is possible for all communities in Atlantic Canada. 

Watch our video to learn more about our work.