It is time for fresh thinking and bold actions. We must unleash the creativity and resourcefulness of Canadians in all parts of society so that we can tackle the complex and interrelated challenges of the 21st century.
Tim Brodhead

Inspiring Communities was established in 2015 to help Nova Scotia communities find new ways of tackling complex social problems. It developed out of early successes in community engagement from a collective impact initiative in Dartmouth North called “Between the Bridges”.

Our work is a priority of eight social policy Ministers and Deputy Ministers: Education and Early Childhood Development; Labour and Advanced Education; Communities, Culture and Heritage; Health and Wellness; Community Services; Seniors; Justice; and, Aboriginal Affairs. They recognize that working collaboratively – both within government and in communities – is needed to come up with new solutions to problems that cannot be addressed by one department or sector on its own.

We are hosted by the Nova Scotia School Boards Association, whose members are aware of the importance of working together to improve student outcomes. While we focus on including all community members in our work, children and youth are an important priority.

Our community engagement process is guided by a set of principles that emphasize diversity, inclusivity and continuous learning. We help create the conditions in communities for people to have their voices heard, and contribute to a vision for the future and actions for getting there. While we adapt to each community’s different context and needs, we are also focused on what we can learn from across communities to make better policy decisions for the province as a whole.

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