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  • Driven by Community 

    Feasibility study on carsharing electric vehicles in Dartmouth North by Treno Morton Introduction and Overview In an effort to raise awareness around opportunities for […]

  • Beach rocks in the foreground make way to a sandy coastline and light waves. A sunset colours the sky. The Heiltsuk sigil is overlaid.

    Doctrine of Discovery: A Linchpin of Heiltsuk Cultural Genocide 

    There have been ongoing calls to dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery advocating that it informs and influences policies and practices entrenched in legislation and procedures. It is viewed as a doctrine of superiority that impinges on reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and Canada in general. By dismantling it, reconciliation can be advanced to interface with Canadian law with the International Human Rights Law that repudiates the doctrine.

  • Community Psychology PhD Chronicles pt. 3

    Human Connection and the Learning Pathway January 25, 2022 We’re in the heart of winter now… glorious snowshoeing in our backwoods with the frolicking […]

  • Lessons in Weaving a Network

    WeavEast has been a rich experiment in trying to build, or weave, an Atlantic network of changemakers. “Trying” is the operative word. WeavEast was […]

  • Truth and Reconciliation Day, Every Day

    Reflection shared by Jody Nelson, Project Lead, Northside Rising “They try to put sugar in the coffee,” said my 13-year-old son, after a session […]

  • Wayside Journey by Tyler Colbourne

    Wayside Journey

    At Inspiring Communities we often like to call ourselves a learning organization. Well, over the last 12 months I have certainly learned a lot.  […]