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Blog: Evaluation

  • A Year of Transforming (2021-2022)

    Mind the pace…

    by Charlene Boyce, Communications Manager In my first city job, I was a graphic designer at a printing company. It was back when manual […]

  • Community Psychology PhD Chronicles pt. 3

    Human Connection and the Learning Pathway January 25, 2022 We’re in the heart of winter now… glorious snowshoeing in our backwoods with the frolicking […]

  • Community Psychology PhD Chronicles, Pt. 2

    The Learning Pathway by Cari Patterson I’ve just officially completed the first year of my PhD program (time flies!) and I’m poised to begin […]

  • Systems Change in Difficult Times

    2020-2021 Impact Report Released July 12, 2021 Systems change can take a long time. So, how do you know if you’re moving the needle?  […]

  • Scaling up "Impact Laws and Policy", Scale Out "Impact Greater Numbers", and Scale Deep "Impact social roots"

    What does systems change look like?

    Systems change can be a tough nut to crack in many ways. First, what is this system you are speaking of?! There are multiple perspectives and truths simultaneously at play. In fact, there are often multiple systems!

  • Community Psychology PhD Chronicles

    By Cari Patterson, Director, Research and Evaluation Part One: Introduction When I started working on my PhD last fall, one of my Community Psychology […]