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  • Driven by Community 

    Feasibility study on carsharing electric vehicles in Dartmouth North by Treno Morton Introduction and Overview In an effort to raise awareness around opportunities for […]

  • A Year of Transforming (2021-2022)

    Mind the pace…

    by Charlene Boyce, Communications Manager In my first city job, I was a graphic designer at a printing company. It was back when manual […]

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    Brain Science Supports Repetition

    Check out this interesting article about how repeated action deepens learning!Written by Peak Wellbeing at Medium.com: The Reason for Repetition: How Repetition Helps Us […]

  • Community Psychology PhD Chronicles pt. 3

    Human Connection and the Learning Pathway January 25, 2022 We’re in the heart of winter now… glorious snowshoeing in our backwoods with the frolicking […]

  • Lessons in Weaving a Network

    WeavEast has been a rich experiment in trying to build, or weave, an Atlantic network of changemakers. “Trying” is the operative word. WeavEast was […]

  • The participants of the Northside Changemakers are lined up on and stepping over a line on the sidewalk.

    The Northside Changemakers – A Journey Inspired

    Northside Rising has launched its second cohort of Northside Changemakers. Suzi Oram-Aylward, Program Coordinator, shared this: The Northside Changemakers Program was developed as a […]

  • Wayside Journey by Tyler Colbourne

    Wayside Journey

    At Inspiring Communities we often like to call ourselves a learning organization. Well, over the last 12 months I have certainly learned a lot.  […]