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Blog: Dispatches from Digby

  • Weymouth's Resilience Shines with a lighted sign that says HOPE.

    Weymouth’s Resilience Shines Bright

    A Community Shaken but not Broken The evening of Tuesday, July 13th, 2021, I found out some distressing news. As I went to close […]

  • Graham Cromwell & Morgan Dunn are youth working with Turning the Tides

    Small Town Big Changes

    In this article, I want to introduce a young man named Graham Cromwell.   Graham is in the position of Youth Intern with Turning […]

  • Group Meeting in Digby

    My Connection with Turning the Tide

    I became a member of Turning the Tide in the late spring of 2019. Shortly after, I became a CA (Community Ambassador). It is about making connections with communities, within Digby and the communities that surround it.

  • Third Wave

    And so it begins…

    Nova Scotia is in the grips of a fast-moving third wave. I was hoping we would stay on our steady course and keep the impending third wave contained.

  • A spooky, haunting black and white image of a ghostly doctor pulling on gloves emerging from a fog spattered with large spiky corona viruses. The ghostly figure has all-white eyes.

    The Pandemic Predicament

    Dispatches from Digby by Shawnalynn Cromwell Ontario has jumped from the frying pan into the fire!  The premier is asking the Atlantic Provinces for help.  […]

  • Slow War - pandemic image from Pixabay

    The Slow War

    Dispatches from Digby by Shawnalynn Cromwell “Feeling a little scatterbrained,  mentally exhausted, almost on the verge of tears and in a constant state of […]

  • graffiti of a nurse character

    Broken Angels

    The medical frontlines are being tested daily, not just with COVID-19, but due to an ongoing crisis of systemic racism in the health care system.