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And so it begins…

Third Wave

Dispatches from Digby by Shawnalynn Cromwell

Nova Scotia is in the grips of a fast-moving third wave. I was hoping we would stay on our steady course and keep the impending third wave contained. But it only takes one individual or group to cause an uptick in COVID-19 infections. Unfortunately, this is the case, and a faster-moving variant is taking center stage. It’s terrifying –  a recipe for rapid community spread!

Some people think they are invincible, and I am not only talking of young people. Adults are holding large gatherings!  These people are doing this for attention.  It appears common sense and respect for others has escaped them. Or sadly, it has never been part of their moral compass.

It is very telling from listening to the COVID-19 briefings here in Nova Scotia that Premier Rankin and Doctor Strang are not impressed. The actions of individuals have shifted the track of the virus in the wrong direction. I was stunned when Dr. Strang said that he was worried and a bit afraid of this new and rapidly growing development. You would think this kind of statement from the person who brings us the science would be a wake-up call. For most of us, “Yes,” but there is a small percentage of the population  who live in another universe: it consists of conspiracy theories and anti-maskers.  It makes my brain ache! 

You cannot fool this virus into thinking that because you don’t care, you are immune.

Our Prime Minister decided to send Nova Scotia sixty service members of the Canadian Armed Forces to assist with COVID-19 testing centres, the same day our case count went through the roof! If that doesn’t make you a little more concerned about this whole “house on fire” scenario, I doubt anything will!

This time around, we are in a welterweight fight with this invisible enemy. COVID-19 has brought with it more weapons in the form of variants. It does not decipher who the next victim will be. I wish others that see it as just an inconvenience would realize they are not unique. You cannot fool this virus into thinking that because you don’t care, you are immune. I am anxious. The virus has stayed for the most part in the city, until now. I order whatever I can online to avoid going into an establishment and exposing myself to the virus. 

All services and businesses that are not critical are closed down. We are going back into an apocalyptic-like situation.  The city of Halifax and the rest of the province is in another lockdown. This wave is more sinister and faster. We are not dealing with a slow-moving foe.  

The pandemic is at its worst so far and sweeping across the country with the new variants. I pray for all of the essential workers in the hospitals, long-term care homes, grocery stores, custodians, paramedics, police, the Canadian Armed Forces, bus drivers, daycare workers and truck drivers. It is a small fraction of workers we depend on in this chaotic time. The world has never realized just how paramount these workers are to our survival.

So, please, I ask everyone, do your part to level out and stop this third wave. Our essential workers are putting their lives on the line to achieve this. The least we could do is hold fast to all protocols and stop this invisible enemy in its tracks. 


Canadian Armed Forces deploying personnel for Nova Scotia COVID-19 response | CBC News

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Shawnalynn Cromwell is a community ambassador with Inspiring Communities’ nested initiative Turning the Tide in Digby. Shawnalynn is a writer, changemaker and active community member in Weymouth Falls. 

Image by Amaynut from Pixabay

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