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Blog: Atlantic Canada

  • The Colonial Place, a blog post by KJ Conyer-Steede. A background of Union Jack is faded and overlaid with circuitry. in the foreground, black boots are visible.

    The Colonial Place

    Navigating the governance bug in the Commonwealth software The Colonial place is my reality. I was watching the TV show The Good Place, which […]

  • Queering Climate Justice in Mi’kma’ki

    How do queer justice and climate action intersect? 2023 IC Climate Fellow Lily Barraclough explores the systems that define the challenges for queer climate […]

  • Placeholder Image

    Climate Change Demands Regional Collaboration

    Establishing a need for a Trans-Regional Institution defending Atlantic Canada’s interests as the nation attempts to transition to cleaner energy alternatives Blog post contributed […]

  • Social Innovation Round Up

    Discussion starters in Social Innovation this week Philanthropy is a linchpin to social innovation While it is undeniable that it is easier to improve […]

  • New Board Members Extend IC’s Reach

    Inspiring Communities is pleased to formally welcome four new members to our governing board. These new members bring diverse experiences, fields of expertise, geographic […]

  • Art of City Building promo

    The Art of City Building

    What we can learn from this conference, and why we, as Inspiring Communities, are helping present it. Inspiring Communities is dedicated to creating systems […]