Council Members

We are pleased to present the members of the Atlantic Changemakers Council, 2023.

Jeffrey Normore

Jeffrey Normore (BA, MTS) lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador and works for CCRW as their Manager of Digital Operations. CCRW’s mission is to make employment more inclusive for persons with disabilities through working with job seekers and workers with disabilities, working with employers, and knowledge sharing with other organizations. Jeffrey leads their team with their CRM and automations, website/social media, digital learning and resources, and IT. Jeffrey also serves on the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Accessible Standards advisory board since 2022.

Ugochi West

Ugochi West is a skilled development strategist, with over a decade of experience in investment banking, business development, social innovation, and entrepreneurship. She is an intellectually curious professional who is self-motivated and persistently innovating ideas to create prime and viable solutions for businesses to succeed and stay ahead. A recent graduate of the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University, Ugochi is committed to contributing to her knowledge, skills and time to building the Canadian business and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Jon Butler

Over a 13-year career, Jon has started companies in Ottawa and St. John’s, ranging from tech to food to community economic development. With his diverse experience, Jon has developed a unique methodology for strategic planning and project execution. He uses an action-based approach that strives to turn good ideas into real opportunities, and is currently working with the Government of NL to develop a social innovation program to support the community sector. In his spare time, Jon can be found on the basketball court, at the golf course, or carting around the city with his wife and two beautiful girls!

Jan Martin

Jan Martin (They/She) is a Two-Spirit Artist, Designer, and Poet from Gespe’g the Last Land in Mi’kmaki. Their work explores themes of Absurdity, Anti-Capitalism, and Indigenous existence in a systemically racist world using fictional characters as allegory. When not working on art projects Martin is working a day job as a Senior Graphic Designer at a Software company, organizing with the Design as Protest Collective, watching videos online of seagulls using automatic doors to steal snacks from convenience stores.

Kristen Murray

Kristen Murray (she/her) is a community leader, activist, and social entrepreneur from Newfoundland & Labrador living in St. John’s on the island of Ktaqmkuk. Kristen holds the degree of Master of Business Administration in Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship from Memorial University of Newfoundland and works as the Project Specialist of the Newfoundland-Labrador Federation of Co-oepratives.

Khairunnisa (Inda) Intiar

Born in Indonesia, Inda (she/her) now lives on the banks of the Petkukweak, in the Siknikt district of Mi’kma’ki (Moncton, NB). She’s passionate about storytelling, sustainable development, youth empowerment, and building bridges between peoples. She contributes to her community through grassroots projects, boards, committees, as well as her writings. She’s been recognized with various awards locally and regionally, and was named one of Future of Good’s Young Impact Leaders in Canada in 2019. Contact her via LinkedIn:

Siobhan Takala

Siobhan (she/her) is a community connector and creative. She is originally from the prairies, and has been a guest in Mi’kma’ki for the past 7 years. Siobhan is the Co Director and Co Founder of Let’s Sprout, a youth-led initiative that creates spaces for youth to compassionately explore their whole selves, question the world with an empathetic and critical lens, and demand action. She is also currently working as the Program Manager for Youth Climate Lab. Siobhan is passionate about equity-centred community design and climate justice, and endeavours to weave these two passions into all she does. You can often find her in nature, with her near and dear, dancing, or stitching a new creation.

Khadeja Raven Anderson

Khadeja  (she/her) is a Trinidad and Tobago national, currently based in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. She is passionate about advocacy, Black Liberation, and Healing. She focuses on Anti-Racism, Anti-Black Racism, with an emphasis on the ways in which race seems to intersect between power and perception. Raven has studied at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus, where she graduated with honours with a special bachelor’s degree in History. Raven moved to St. John’s in 2018, and graduated, with honours, with a bachelor’s degree in Education (Intermediate/Secondary) from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Education remains a driving force of Raven’s life. Since graduating, Raven is an activist, current cofounder and co-president of Black Lives Matter NL, active member of the Anti-Racism Coalition NL, a Director of the board of Girls Rock NL and an anti-racism consultant at her agency, Ravensong Consulting NL. She is currently a producer at CBC Radio-Canada and a workplace DEI specialist at Women in Resource Development Corporation (WRDC).

Saa Andrew Gbongbor

Saa Andrew (he/him) graduated from Saint Thomas University in Fredericton NB with a degree in Human Rights Law. He is the Chief Creative Officer for Battle of the Arts NB (BOTA-NB), a youth-led art-based show that works with diverse community members and partners to promote cultural awareness through the arts.

Since 2011, Gbongbor’s youth-led art show has included artists from across the east coast working to empower youth, bring community together, create excitement around arts, and learn in a safe space. Saa Andrew writes, composes, performs and produces music.

Through cultural awareness presentations in schools for children, youth and educators, he explores dismantling racism, team building and why representation matters. He has worked with diverse artists around Canada and across the border on numerous art projects.