This section includes a variety of resources to help enhance understanding of our work, and give examples of other similar initiatives. We will continue to add to them over time.

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  • Northside Rising 2018 Community Report

    Learn about & join this community & government-driven initiative that’s rising up against significant challenges on the Northside.

  • Collective Impact by John Kania and Mark Kramer 2011

    One of the original publications regarding the model of collective impact.

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  • Embracing Emergence

    An update on collective impact after implementation of the model by various organizations around the world.

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  • Collective Impact 3.0 by Tamarack 2016

    From the Tamarack Institute updated views on the next iteration of the Collective Impact Framework.

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  • Community Heart and Soul Field Guide 2nd Edition 2014

    This Report summarizes 20 years of experience working with small cities and towns to understand a community’s heart and soul, make decisions about how to strengthen it, and in the process create a more resilient community.

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  • Rural Community Engagement Report 2015

    This report summarizes key findings and outcomes from a session held by the Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO) about how to deepen levels of community engagement in economic development activities.

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  • Guide to Evaluating Collect Impact

    A practical guide, developed by FSG, on evaluating collective impact that provides a framework for approaching evaluation and includes sample questions, outcomes, and indicators.

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  • Developmental Evaluation

    This site provides an overview of developmental evaluation, an approach often used in collaborative community-led initiatives.

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  • Living Saint John

    A collaborative initiative in Saint John, New Brunswick with a vision of ending generational poverty and improving the economic future of the city.

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