This section includes a variety of resources to help enhance understanding of our work, and give examples of other similar initiatives. We will continue to add to them over time.

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  • Embracing Emergence

    An update on collective impact after implementation of the model by various organizations around the world.

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  • A Year of Transforming (2021-2022)

    Download and read: A Year of Transforming (2021-22) As a systems change catalyst, Inspiring Communities aims to contribute to the creation and adoption of more equitable systems. This year has seen a significant shift in our work. We have evolved our organizational structure and focus, and widened and deepened our practices around systems change, reflecting the changes in the field. Collective Impact as a practice has gone through more than 10 years of academic study, reflection and critique. It has changed, […]

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  • IC Learnings of the Organization from a Collective Impact Perspective – Nov 2022

    Download and read: Learnings of the Organization from a Collective Impact Perspective   We are pleased to share this document. We recognize that a 50-page report evaluating collective impact may not be easy reading for all. In fact, one of the takeaways from the process of crafting the report was (re)discovering the ways that jargon can introduce barriers, preventing not just our communities from fully engaging with us, but also our colleagues. We learned how many different understandings of collective […]

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  • Impact Report 2018-2020

    We’re proud to share our first annual Impact Report with you to showcase some of what we’ve learned and accomplished in our work so far. IC Impact Report 2018-2020

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  • Northside Rising 2019 Evaluation Summary

    This Northside Rising Evaluation Summary 2019 is a summary of the early phase Evaluation of Northside Rising.

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  • Northside Rising: 2019 Early Phase Evaluation Report

    This full report outlines the early phase Evaluation of Northside Rising. Released in 2019. NR Early Phase Evaluation Report (Final, October 2019)

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  • Between the Bridges: Education Update

    This report is an education update  for the Between the Bridges network, as of October 2018. Between the Bridges Education Updated, Oct 2018

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  • Between the Bridges: Sharing Progress and Learning

    This report shares an overview of Between the Bridge’s journey from 2015 through to 2019, along with the highlights from the formative evaluation. Read on to hear the voices from the BTB network, about the strengths, areas for learning and evolving practices moving forward. Between the Bridges: Sharing Learning and Progress

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  • Between the Bridges: Formative Evaluation Report

    This report identifies learning and successes since Between the Bridges began, and informs how to strengthen the work going forward. Between the Bridges: Formative Evaluation Report 2019

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  • Between the Bridges: Conditions for Student Success Report

    Between the Bridges: Conditions for Student Success Report (2018)

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  • Northside Rising 2018 Community Report

    Learn about & join this community & government-driven initiative that’s rising up against significant challenges on the Northside.

  • Living Saint John

    A collaborative initiative in Saint John, New Brunswick with a vision of ending generational poverty and improving the economic future of the city.

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  • Developmental Evaluation

    This site provides an overview of developmental evaluation, an approach often used in collaborative community-led initiatives.

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  • Guide to Evaluating Collect Impact

    A practical guide, developed by FSG, on evaluating collective impact that provides a framework for approaching evaluation and includes sample questions, outcomes, and indicators.

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  • Rural Community Engagement Report 2015

    This report summarizes key findings and outcomes from a session held by the Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO) about how to deepen levels of community engagement in economic development activities.

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  • Community Heart and Soul Field Guide 2nd Edition 2014

    This Report summarizes 20 years of experience working with small cities and towns to understand a community’s heart and soul, make decisions about how to strengthen it, and in the process create a more resilient community.

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  • Collective Impact 3.0 by Tamarack 2016

    From the Tamarack Institute updated views on the next iteration of the Collective Impact Framework.

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  • Collective Impact by John Kania and Mark Kramer 2011

    One of the original publications regarding the model of collective impact.

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  • Between the Bridges: Housing Quality and Affordability

    This report provides a snapshot in time of key information related to housing in Dartmouth North, as of December 2018. Between the Bridges: Housing Quality and Affordability Report (2018)

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