NS Network for Social Change

We partnered with NS GovLab, a social innovation lab focused on population aging in Nova Scotia to create the NS Network for Social Change – a network of those working on issues related to aging well.

The Nova Scotia Network for Social Change involved:

  • Use of experimentation to develop a deeper understanding of population aging in Nova Scotia.
  • Identifying gaps in current services and approaches.
  • Building a diverse network of engaged and connected social innovators, by working with new and existing partners in new ways to improve services, programs and policies directed at our aging population.
  • Creating collaborative partnerships across sectors to build and test potential solutions to improve aging in place, while staying connected to community, and creating connections across generations and cultures to build resilient communities.

In Nova Scotia today, one in five people are over the age of 65. By 2030, that number will be one in four.  In the coming years, Nova Scotia will transition to a population comprised of more older people than younger people. This shift will greatly impact the current status quo. There are direct and knock-on effects for the economic, social, health and well-being of all Nova Scotians. A few of the predicted challenges may include:

  • Labour force gaps,
  • Caring for older parents and children simultaneously,
  • Maintaining social connections,
  • The effects of chronic disease over time,
  • Threats to “aging in place”, and
  • Rural sustainability.

The impact of these challenges are increased in vulnerable communities. NS GovLab creates opportunities to change systems to the new reality of our older population with a particular focus on diversity, inclusion and equity.  

The NS Network for Social Change aimed to connect even more social changemakers for collaboration on innovative actions with vulnerable communities. By bringing together knowledge from across communities and sectors, the NSN4SC focused on seizing the opportunities that an aging population presents. Vulnerable older adults will benefit from better informed public policy, and more equitable, effective and efficient services informed by their real-world challenges. Plus, all Nova Scotians benefit from healthier and more inclusive communities.

You can connect with NS GovLab here. 

NS GovLab & NSN4SC Year in Review 

Prepared by the NS GovLab & the NSN4SC team. This short video report is an invitation to join the NSN4SC and NS GovLab team in Co-Creation Garden to learn more about what they’ve been up to from April 2020 to April 2021. 

A Year in Review with NS GovLab & NSN4SC

NSN4SC 2020 Evaluation Report

Prepared by Horizons Community Development Associates Inc. This is an in-depth report of NSN4SC’s 2020 annual evaluation that includes an overview of its goals, progress to date towards its outcomes and suggestions for improvement.

NSN4SC Annual Evaluation Report – Final