Social innovation is not new, but Weaveast’s original vision of a democratic network of changemakers felt fresh and inspiring in 2019. It was founded to demonstrate the power of a non-hierarchical, collaborative network built on trusted relationships. 

This was the ship that set out. The storms and shoals it encountered along the way are well documented in a series of blog posts we have gathered from various leaders and participants involved with it along the way. A harvest of these posts can be found here.

WeavEast has been so many things in this short three-year journey, but the main thing it has been is educational. We are happy to share the lessons we have learned in weaving the foundations of this network, and from the many people it has brought us into contact with. 

Starting in 2019, with support from the McConnell Foundation, we began building a supportive ecosystem to connect changemakers and their work. We became the backbone organization for getting this network off the ground to meet the need for a trusted, locally-led community for social innovators.

Social Innovation Policy Project 2020-2021

Arts and Culture Grants Evaluation – Final Report – Tara Taylor

WeavEast Reports and Documents


We’d like to thank the people who contributed to the journey of the Atlantic Canada Social Innovation Ecosystem and WeavEast including:

The leaders and participants who contributed to WeavEast in 2021:  

Tara Taylor, Julia Feltham, John R. Sylliboy, Ryan Veltmeyer, Megan Dorrell, Tamara Steele, Nina Elliott (The Rock Vandal), Karen Berglander, Sarah Crocker, Jim Ward, Julie Smith, Kehisha Wilmot, Moashella Shortte, Jillian Kilfoil, Sobia Ali-Faisal, Nikki Baldwin, Sarah Ferber, Christel Walsh, Kate Dempsey, Alana Hunt, Josh Smee, Kevin Gallant

Staff members 2019-2021:

Jenn DeCoste, Annika Voltan, Kate Mckerlie, Miranda Cobb, Kristen Faulkner, Olusegun Osunrinde, Gregory Woolner, Sophia Horwitz, Tyler Colbourne, Charlene Boyce, Louise Adongo

Our warmest thanks to the original cohort of Weaveast Fellows, the Yoda Council, and everyone who has attended and participated in our convenings, shared opportunities, inspiration and thoughts with the community and engaged in the work of weaving. And our sincere gratitude to those who are gathering energy to lead the next chapter in the Atlantic Canadian Social Innovation Ecosystem.