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Between the Bridges

Dartmouth North, Nova Scotia

Map showing area served by Between the BridgesBetween the Bridges (BtB) is a community development initiative taking a Collective Impact approach to addressing complex social issues identified by the community of Dartmouth North. Collective Impact involves meaningful support and engagement of people with lived experience to work equitably with leaders from government, not for profit organizations and business. Their shared goal is to identify what needs to change and how they can work together, often in new ways, to generate solutions and take collective action. The complex social issues identified in Collective Impact require a long-term mindset for change and impact that can be measured in a variety of ways that are meaningful to the stakeholders.

The Community of Dartmouth North

Mixed group of folksDartmouth North is a vibrant and resilient community with many diverse, talented and committed residents and community leaders who have been working tirelessly for many years and up to the present. All of the successes and learnings are only possible as a result of the determination of many people; open and willing to work together in new ways to make a difference in their community.



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