Atlantic Youth Weavers Photovoice Project


The Atlantic Youth Weavers (AYW) Photovoice project connects sixteen Atlantic Canadian youths through an eight-week, honorarium-based project which explores what resilience looks like from the youth perspective.

Launched on May 12th, 2020, the project is coordinated by Jen McRuer, an experienced facilitator and researcher specializing in Photovoice and Participatory Action Research, and it uses the core tenets of Participatory Action Research:

  1. Democratic, participatory pathway for community reflection and expression;
  2. Equal access to liberties, rights, and opportunities;
  3. Investigating root causes of problems that directly impact communities;
  4. Taking action: reaching policymakers and stakeholders to catalyze change.

These sixteen youth are capturing images that emote what it means to be a changemaker. The AYW Photovoice Project also highlights their experiences related to community and global change, social innovation, the sustainable development goals, and the importance of bridging experiences and communities as we move toward a ‘new normal.’ AYW also critically explores diverse and intersectional perspectives, as the youth use Photovoice project learnings to advocate for their vision.

AYW is a joint initiative between Inspiring Communities initiative WeavEast and ACIC. Funding is provided by the McConnell Foundation, ACIC, and Inspiring Communities.

Following the end of the project, the images will also be curated in an online space and shared with policymakers, stakeholders and thought leaders to highlight and influence youth-led change.