Youth Projects

Community Building Youth Futures

CBYF is a five-year collective impact strategy designed with youth leadership and input to increase the graduation rates of high school students, to prepare youth for post-secondary education, employment, training, and to improve youth engagement. The initiative is a partnership with Tamarack Institute and funded by Employment and Social Development Canada

In 2020, Turning the Tide established a Leadership Table comprising youth, community members and intersectional representation. In addition, a Youth Connections Team was established to ensure the work of CBYF was directed by the youth.  The youth’s mantra: Nothing Done for Us Without Us.

Tamarack facilitated three working sessions with the CBYF Leadership Team that focused on the common agenda. From these working sessions, A Plan on a Page was ultimately developed.

Rural Youth Connections Project

As part of the CBYF Initiative, Turning the Tide applied for a Rural Youth Connection Project through the Community Innovation Funds also from Tamarack. Turning the Tide was approved for funds in the latter part of 2020. The Rural Youth Connections Project focuses on creating a social infrastructure for youth including programming activities and events to help create connections and build relationships with each other and with their communities.

Youth Centre: Digby Area Youth Space (DAYS)

In 2021, with support from the Rural Youth Connections project, a Youth Centre was established at the Digby Area Recreation Centre. The limitations on this space were realized in 2022, but ongoing youth drop in sessions at the Turning the Tide office continue, offering youth a variety of activities and opportunities to learn and connect. One such activity was creating the concept for this Africentric mural.