In February 2018, Inspiring Communities began meeting with interested residents and community leaders in the Digby area. Since then, we have reviewed existing reports and data on the community and have initiated a community survey to better understand the concerns, strengths and ideas from participants. We were very excited to have an enthusiastic and diverse group of 27 people agree to take on the task of administering the survey. By December 2018 we had received more than 800 responses!!

In February 2019, we revealed our survey results and established 9 main themes from that data.  90 community members broke out into groups and began actively discussing the aspects of each of our themes, giving us more feedback and information to get a clearer picture on what is top of mind and of concern to the people living here.

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Our timeline showing actions up to this current fiscal year (April 2019)


Here’s what our community has to say about our work:


On December 1st, 2019, Turning the Tide and the Digby area was co-featured on CBC’s Land and Sea showing the positivity and drive in our community and our work together.

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