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Dinao MacCormick is a Changemaker

Dinao MacCormick is a Change Maker

Interview provided by Northside Rising, an Inspiring Communities nested initiative.

Tell me a little bit about yourself 

My name is Dinao. I am an Expressive Arts Therapist and visual artist living on Boularderie Island with two dogs. I am kind of obsessed with cross-country skiing in the winter and making fires in the summer and am a founding member of a local photography collective called Hot Fog Press. 

How did you hear about this program? What drew you to applying?

Last fall, I was developing an expressive arts program for youth and seeking community partners. Ken Leblanc, the community development coordinator for the CBRM, referred me to the Changemakers Program. It was a perfect fit, as I was looking for connections and potential collaborators within the community. 

What do you love about the Northside? What makes it special?

I love the community. This program introduced me to so many people and organizations who are working hard to support the growth of the Northside while including the folks who already live here. It also just has a good feeling; it’s a nice place to wander. 

When you think of the word Changemaker, does anyone you know come to mind?

In every community I’ve lived in, there have been changemakers. In my opinion, changemakers are the people who value the health of the whole community, who listen to the voices of all community members, and who allow these voices to inform their supportive work. 

What are your hopes for the Northside? Why is that hope important to you/ the community?

I hope to see the Northside continue to fill with life, people, and new opportunities for work, housing, community engagement, connection and creative practice. 

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Rapid Fire Questions

 (Adapted from Brene Brown Rapid Fire Questions)

Fill in the blank: Vulnerability is _______


You’re called to do something brave, but your fear is real and stuck in your throat. What’s the first thing you do? 

Pause and feel my feet on the ground. 

What is something that people often get wrong about you? 

People often think I am really easygoing. 

What’s the last show that you binged and loved? 


Give us a film you really love? 

In the Mood for Love

What’s your favourite meal? 


What’s on your nightstand right now? 

Dream Work by Mary Oliver, Something Bright, Then Holes by Maggie Nelson, half of a glass of water

Give us a snapshot of an ordinary moment in your life that brings you great joy?

Walking by the water with my dogs at the beginning or end of the day. 

What is the one thing you’re deeply grateful for right now?

My body, my friends, my family (sorry, three things)

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