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Inspiring Communities Welcomes new Co-Executive Director Mueni Mutinda 

Inspiring Communities warmly welcomes Mueni Mutinda to the role of Co-Executive Director. Mueni joins Co-Executive Director Jocelyn Li in leading our equity-centered systems transformation organization.  

Mueni brings a rich set of experiences and skills from international development, systems change, equity and community work.  

Curious, deeply passionate and fearless, Mueni cultivates and nurtures meaningful relationships and strategic partnerships that deepen cooperation. Recognizing the interconnectedness of all things, she is committed to delving into the root causes of chronic and perpetual challenges to systems and structures. She aims to critically examine and dismantle barriers designed to categorize, differentiate, and exclude. For Mueni, relationships are at the heart of meaningful community connection and community-building, which means, first and foremost, seeing and meeting people where they are. A Canada-grown, and Kenyan-born program management leader, facilitator, consultant, writer and coach, Mueni is delighted to collaboratively identify and seize the gift of this present moment, to bring about possibilities and alternatives to the status quo. In this way, Mueni is a disruptor and truth-teller with love and vision for the possibility of the energy inherent in each one of us.  

Mueni and Jocelyn, along with the rest of the Inspiring Communities team, look forward to strengthening current connections and building new relationships to take the work of creating equitable thriving communities in Nova Scotia forward.  

Watch for a February interview with the Co-Executive Directors to explore what they are seeing, sensing and learning about equity-centered systems work in our communities and beyond. 

Inspiring Communities is a non-profit intermediary organization that uses systems change, social innovation and collaboration tools to create equitable, thriving communities. We aim to achieve positive change that centers equity. We are based in Nova Scotia and collaborate throughout Mi’kmaqi. 

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