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Dartmouth Mural Project Recognized in Legislature

MLA of Dartmouth North, Susan Leblanc, rose in the Legislature Thursday, November 9, 2023 to officially remember Miya Harris. MLA Leblanc commended the work of Kayley Dixon and the youth of Dartmouth North who worked together to create the memorial mural.

Inspiring Communities was grateful for the opportunity to support this group of young leaders in processing their grief over Miya’s death through working together on this memorial.

“Three years ago on June 10th, 15 year old Miya Harris died of an accidental overdose. She was a daughter, a sister, a Dartmouth High student and a much loved member of the North Dartmouth community.

After Miya’s celebration of life, her friends looked for a way to grieve her loss.

Guided by youth worker Kayley Dixon, and supported by Inspiring Communities, the youth began to do work with an art therapist. They would gather monthly, and the result is a beautiful mural that is now displayed on the outside wall of the Dartmouth North Boys and Girls Club. The mural, conceived by Miya’s friends and painted by Trackside Studios, depicts a large book of Miya’s life, with butterflies all around.

The mural honours Miya and celebrates her life, and its creation is a way for those who love her to channel their grief.

In front of the mural is a beautiful wooden bench, created by Dartmouth North resident and teacher Ian Stewart. Community members can now sit and remember Miya, or just take a moment for themselves.
I ask all members of the house to join me in remembering Miya Harris, and in thanking her friends and family for turning their sadness into a beautiful symbol of love and hope.”

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