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Credit Union Innovation

Happy International Credit Union Day 2023!

On Tuesday we hosted a webinar to discuss credit union innovation. Here is the recording of that event!


Dr. Alex Ryan (he/him) is CEO of Synthetikos Inc, a boutique innovation strategy agency that helps transformational leaders to shift systems. He is an Executive in Residence at the Rotman School of Management. Previously, Dr. Ryan was an executive at North America’s largest urban innovation hub, MaRS Discovery District. Dr. Ryan also co-founded and led Alberta CoLab, the first social innovation lab in a Canadian provincial government.


Amanda Hachey (she/her) works as a Systems Convener with All In Research and Innovation. Before joining All In in 2022, she was the Director of NouLAB, New Brunswick’s Social and Public Innovation Lab. Amanda has spent the last 15 years well connected to the co-op movement. She was a Co-op Development Advisor with the NB Co-op Enterprise Council, a board member of OMISTA Credit Union and founding board member of La Bikery Co-operative.

Keith Taylor (he/him) is the founding Executive Director of The DUCA Impact Lab,a social finance innovation hub founded by DUCA Credit Union. The Impact Lab works as a lever for leveraging emerging technology and community-based insight to build banking models that benefit all members of the community. During his career at DUCA, he has led the development of Canada’s first social purpose mortgage product, the emergence of DUCA as Toronto’s first living wage employer and the certification of DUCA as the first B-Corp Credit Union in the world. 

Sarah Beyea, MES (she/her) is the Cooperative Social Responsibility Specialist with Atlantic Central & League Savings and Mortgage. Sarah has a passion for helping organizations improve and communicate their social, environmental and economic impact. With over fifteen years of experience in project management and program implementation, Sarah is a firm believer that the best change happens through collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

Joline Vassallo, DABS, FCUIC (she/her) is a Commercial Account Manager with Sydney Credit Union Limited. For 28 years, Joline has worked at Sydney Credit Union in various positions. This has given her a strong knowledge of Credit Union’s co-operative values and principles and what being community-minded is all about. Presently, Joline is the Commercial Account Manager and serves many small and  medium size business members.

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