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IC Recruits Junior Climate Fellow

In an extension of the Inspiring Communities Fellowship Program, Anastasia Nevin has been chosen to serve as the first IC Junior Climate Fellow. Anastasia was the Summer Youth Intern for Turning the Tide, IC’s Digby initiative, in 2022. She was responsible for youth and community engagement, transportation project, program planning and coordinating within the Digby municipality. She will now be providing services in support of IC with deeper research on activities within the organization.

Anastasia notes she brings “a new/old perspective to the table through the Etuaptmumk (two eyed seeing) approach, allowing a further understanding of interconnectedness within our environment and core community with the intent of developing brighter healthy futures for the next generation.” 

Returning to work in social innovation more directly, Anastasia aspires to be a role model for those facing challenges and to support those that need a helping hand. 

Anastasia recently attended the Tamarack Conference in Montreal, and shared these reflections:

“During the conference in Montreal I was able to make very important connections and have eye-opening conversations with many of the indigenous and nonindigenous leaders. Having these conversations resulted in arriving back to Nova Scotia with a newfound inspiration to improve and inspire community members, in ways of art, conversation, education, and empowerment. At a lunch during the conference we shared stories and experiences in hope that we learn from each other. We realized some of our communities face similar limitations and others have the opposite. I’m hoping to have the opportunity with this position to gain knowledge and inspiration from others to share and learn from.

Inspiring Communities initiated the IC Fellowship Program in August 2022 to support investigation and knowledge production into areas of social innovation that are relevant to our communities and that can inform our equity-centered work.  Funding for the Junior Climate Fellow role comes from the Communities Building Youth Futures support provided by Tamarack. 

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