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Poverty Reduction Through Capacity Building

A series for the sector: Capacity Building Workshops

The COVID-19 pandemic and other complexities have changed the context and needs for the social sector.

In our work to change systems, we recognize the important role that our sector plays. We are often the catalyst that brings all parties to the table, so that public and private partners have the opportunity to hear the voices of the people with lived experience. That experience can then form the foundation of a common agenda, feeding into policy development, community building efforts and private sector plans. This is especially relevant in Poverty Reduction work. Providing these opportunities during the pandemic has been challenging at best.

Inspiring Communities, with support from the province’s Poverty Reduction Blueprint and the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia (CSCNS) recently undertook a survey of the sector to help identify some of the ways that COVID and its circumstances have impacted capacity and needs.

In part as an outcome of that survey, we recognize that we there are five foundational workshop topics we can work together to offer, based on the current context and future needs. We also understand that community connection and support are essential, especially during times of crisis; we aim to facilitate such connection while offering meaningful, shared learning opportunities and resources that align with evolving sector needs. 

Each of the following is a two-part session. The five sessions can be taken independently or as a series, and you will be asked to register for each one you are interested in. They will be held 1:00-2:30 on Wednesdays and Fridays through May and June, as indicated.

Session 1: Collaboration and Partnerships: Developing relationships across shared focus areas with other organizations
Date: May 19th & June 9th, 1-2:30pm
Facilitators: Kayla Bernard & Lisa Lachance

Session 2:  Planning for Uncertainty: How to create an agile strategy
Date: May 21st & June 11th, 1-2:30pm
Facilitator: Ian MacDonald

Session 3: Evaluating Your Impact: Measuring and communicating value
Date: May 26th/June 16th- 1-2:30pm 
Facilitators: Cari Patterson & Karen Pyra

Session 4: Influencing policy decisions: Advocating for systems level change
Date: May 28th & June 18th, 1-2:30pm 
Facilitators: Louise Adongo, Angela Poirier, & Jane Allt

Session 5: Psychological Safety in the Workplace 101
Date: June 2nd & June 23rd, 1-2:30pm
Facilitator: Dr. Dayna-Lee Bagley

We invite you to join us for these capacity building sessions that will further your skills and knowledge, and build opportunities for people and organizations to fight the root causes of poverty and create positive impact across Nova Scotia.

The 2-part capacity building sessions will have an emphasis on building peer-to-peer relationships (cohort learning) and collaborative learning while offering tools and resources to help you implement the learning within your organization or community. A Wayside community group will host the session recordings and enable ongoing connection and discussion.

Please note:
CSC, IC and Wayside will be recording these sessions. The recordings will be posted to Wayside and CSCNS Skillspass. Please note only the facilitation will be recorded and we will not record the discussion and breakout session. Participants will be encouraged to turn off microphone and camera if they don’t want to be recorded.

Our Partners in this Project

The Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia was founded in December 2012 to act as voice for the nonprofit and voluntary sector, and to help build skills and capacity to help organizations be as effective as possible in their work. 

CSC-NS are funded in part by the Province’s Industry Sector Council Program under the Department of Labour and Advanced Education. They also receive funding from members and through various learning opportunities they offer.

Learn more about our evaluation work on the Poverty Reduction Framework

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