Systems Change

Inspiring Communities is a nonprofit intermediary organization that uses systems change, social innovation and collaboration tools to create equitable, thriving communities. We partner with communities and organizations that share our values, to address long-standing challenges with equity-centred solutions.

How We Work

We support systems change efforts through:

Strengthening Community Connections Icon

Strengthening Community Connections

We strengthen community connections, whether communities are geographically co-located or they are joined in common purpose.

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Building on our Collaboration Success

We know that relationships and partnerships are key to leveraging the power of communities.

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Demonstrating our Impact

We evaluate to understand what our impact is and what we have learned, and communicate this clearly.

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Modeling Equitable, Efficient & Sustainable Processes

We know that when our core is strong and functioning well, our communities and initiatives are better served.

Centering Equity

Our current systems and institutions don’t work for the people who need them most. Collective action is essential.

We keep equity at the heart of our work. For us, equity begins with centering traditional African Nova Scotian communities, Indigenous people, racialized newcomers, neurodivergent people and people of differing abilities, and 2SLGBTQIA+ communities that have been typically underrepresented and marginalized in social innovation spaces.  We recognize intersectionality of identities, and the effect it has on people interacting with systems.

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Today, more than ever, we need to work differently. Together we can find better ways of thinking that lead to better ways of creating positive change. The Inspiring Communities approach focuses on taking the time to develop trusted relationships, from which real change can grow. We are working to change embedded structures, power dynamics and approaches to problem-solving - that can't, and won't, be done overnight.

  • Equity, Inclusion & Representation

    We act for social justice. Our work is driven by equity to improve social inclusion. We are mindful of the need for reconciliation.

  • Starting from Strengths

    We start from the belief that all individuals and communities have a wealth of assets.

  • Lifelong Learning

    We are curious and open to innovation. We trust the process. We learn from each other.

  • Intentionality

    We make time to get to know each other. We mind the pace. Sometimes that means slowing down, and sometimes it means speeding up. We take care to establish trust and understanding in our work because we know it is essential for collaborative change.

  • Reciprocity

    We know working for change isn’t always easy.  We know we need each other to go far. We approach relationships with an intention for mutual & collective benefit to achieve greater outcomes than we could individually.

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