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Turning the Tide Name & Logo Reveal

June 28th, 2019 signaled the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation, which is why Inspiring Communities Digby (IC Digby) felt this time of transition was perfect to reveal their new name and logo design – and they felt the best way to do that was with a free community BBQ.










The turnout was fantastic, there were games and prizes for children and adults alike. Live music drifted through the air with the smell of hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn and cotton candy. MLA Gordon Wilson showed his support, engaged in conversation and shared a hotdog – cooked by our own Mayor Ben Cleveland and Municipal Program Development Coordinator, Robert Hersey, volunteering as chefs and served by Green Party nominee Judy Green. The Digby Area Recreation Commission donated space, power and even the BBQ’s and propane to cook with. Local royalty, Digby Scallop Queen, Madison Amero and Queen Annapolisa First Lady in Waiting, Taylor Wood supported the event by engaging the children in games, assisting in the prize draws, handing out cake and revealing the new name and logo.
















Many attendees agreed that events like these were rare and needed in the area as it was designed to lower financial and transportation barriers for all community residents, providing free food and beverages and complimentary gas cards and bus tickets (upon request) to help allow more community members to attend.








Moving forward, Inspiring Communities Digby will go by its new name, Turning the Tide. The logo is a circular design, with a twisting, blue color paletted wave of water “turning” in the center.


It took several months of deliberation, consultation and conversation between community members, the Insight Team and the IC Digby Team before the final choice was decided. Over 100 ideas were suggested by community residents, informing and influencing the drafts leading to the final design – which was created by local graphic designer, Amanda Peek (seen in image below).



Michael Carty, Community Coordinator of the newly branded Turning the Tide, emphasized the priority this design holds, “It’s very important that this resonates with as many people in the community as possible. The foundation of real, positive change is built on community engagement and collective impact. If the community has something they feel they can stand behind, it will make the work that much more likely to succeed.”

To see the full gallery of images from our event, click HERE


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