WeavEast Seed Grants 2021

Supporting Social Innovation Prototypes & Projects in Atlantic Canada

WeavEast is a social innovation network which aspires to connect fragmented changemakers in Atlantic Canada to create collaborative systems change efforts that work to address regional systemic issues that diminish or restrict the work of changemakers.

Overall grant parameters

Grants will support collaborative systems change projects that help create community-led positive change in Atlantic Canada.

  • Overall granting pool: $50,000
  • Applications can be for: $5,000 or $7,500

We aim to distribute grants across Atlantic Canada, specifically and intentionally reaching:

  • Each of the 4 Atlantic Provinces
  • Francophone community
  • Indigenous communities
  • Black Atlantic communities

Ideally the projects will fall within one or more themes based on 3 priority areas identified by the WeavEast network in 2020:

  • Bridging across sectors, communities, and decision makers.
  • Shifting narratives: Strategic storytelling to shift dominant, negatively reinforcing patterns.
  • Influencing the redesign of restrictive policies

The grants can be for new or existing initiatives, for example:

  • to support an existing initiative that needs a resource boost, or
  • to try something new.

You may apply as an individual, group, collective, co-operative, formal or informal organization or something else.

In addition to the open application process, we are reaching out to underrepresented parts of the region to proactively identify potential projects from diverse stakeholders. This is aimed at achieving intentional diversity.



Start date

End date

Promoting open applications

July 25

September 17

Proactive outreach to potential applicants

July 1

August 30

Grants Rounds



Awarding Announced By

1st round of grants

August 16

August 16- August 30

September 2

2nd round of grants*

September 13

September 13- September 27

September 29


1st portion (⅔)


Obligations completed

1st round 

By September 10

By November 8

By November 15

2nd round 

By October 8

By November 15

By November 18

*if funds remain to be awarded

Choosing Seed Grant Recipients

  • The WeavEast Granting team will make decisions on which applicants receive grants based on the parameters here (which are based on the stated mission and objectives of WeavEast) and any other relevant factors, including the number of applications received. 
  • The WeavEast Granting team will be made up of backbone team members and volunteers from the network, based on availability. It will be 4-5 people, maximum.
  • Project identification will be a hybrid of proactive identification of potential projects from diverse stakeholders and an open application process. This is aimed at achieving intentional diversity.

If you are employed as part of the IC network, or serving on the Selection team, you are ineligible to apply.

Responsibilities accompanying the funding

By accepting funding, you agree to:

  • Take part in monthly convenings with other successful applicants to learn from each other’s work.
  • Contribute three narrative pieces (blogs, graphics, vlogs, photovoice, etc) about what you are learning and experiencing in the work.
  • Set up pre-authorized payments to receive disbursements by providing a void cheque or appropriate Pre-Authorized Payment form. (For this funding, e-transfer is not an available option.)
  • Work with our evaluator to determine an appropriate evaluation plan for your prototype / project / work.

Funds will be disbursed in two payments, one (⅔ the amount) upon receiving the grant, and the remainder in November, contingent in part on your cooperation with the obligations above. 

These terms may change at the discretion of the WeavEast Grant Selection team.