Mapping the System

In order to better understand the needs and perspectives of those working across Atlantic Canada to address social problems, we need to know who is out there and what they’re doing. We need to be able to find each other so that we can learn, try and do together. Our work in building an ecosystem starts from the premise that we need to deepen our understanding of current efforts so that we can better support and amplify them, and identify innovative opportunities.

As part of our work, we are reaching out to those in the field to gather information about what the challenges they’re aiming to address in their work, where they are working and with whom, and their needs. Our goal is to begin to visually show connections through a network map similar to the one below that was developed as part of the Between the Bridges work in Dartmouth North to identify the availability of health care services. Once we have enough data, we’ll replace this visual with one that starts to capture the network in Atlantic Canada. See the link below the map to find out how to participate.

Participating in the Map

The value of this map will be based on getting as many people, groups and organizations as possible to participate. We offer this space to those who see themselves as part of an ecosystem for social change, and who would like to connect to others in the field. Click the button below to fill out information to put yourself on the map. As this resource grows, the easier it will be to see the strengths across our region and identify opportunities to develop connections.

Add to the Map