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Current approaches to funding and the high stakes related to serving those in need often result in an inability to take risks in the social sector. Spaces and resources that support the need to try (and potentially fail) are rare. We need environments that encourage learning and enable experimentation so that we can move beyond the status quo. 

Inspiring Communities offers a nest to social change initiatives by hosting them within our organization, to help increase their chances of long-term success. We connect changemakers to a network of peers, offer thought leadership, learning opportunities and evaluation support, as well as back-end administrative services. 

These supports that we offer allow those involved to focus on what matters most – the impact on their local communities and the issues they are addressing. Those in the nest can focus on developing their ideas rather than being bogged down with operational burdens, or the need to establish a new organization. 

We build and maintain connections inside and outside the nest to contribute to a greater culture of collaboration and reduce the effects of organizations working in isolation. The experimental nature of the nest allows for greater risk taking and space for ideas to evolve or dissolve if their potential is not realized. 

We aim to reduce the scarcity mindset, and bring communities together to tackle the tough social problems that we are experiencing in Atlantic Canada. We believe that together we can build better systems that honour a new way forward which includes unique perspectives and valuable contributions.