When working on complex social problems, progress can sometimes seem slow and hard to measure. We are ultimately working towards making changes to policy that will benefit the province as a whole, but we are also aware that it’s important not to lose sight of the small wins along the way. The actions we engage in will range in terms of the scale of their impact, but are all worth celebrating.

The establishment of Inspiring Communities is an early win on its own. When the social policy Ministers and Deputy Ministers agreed in 2016 to work collaboratively on community issues, this represented a new approach – and one of the first of its kind in NS. By recognizing the importance of hearing directly from communities and working together for greater impact, these tables are taking the first steps towards tackling social problems in innovative ways.

At the end of the day, Inspiring Communities is about action and impact. As priority areas are identified, solutions will be developed that include involvement from across sectors and institutions. Community leaders, not-for-profits, business owners, and government representatives will work together to influence change.