Sophia Horwitz, WeavEast Coordinator

Sophia Horwitz is a community builder, and sustainability practitioner and educator, who is passionate about increasing the capacity of individuals, communities and organizations to contribute to a thriving future.  Sophia has 14 years experience leading civic and social innovation initiatives and transformative collaborative processes in Canada, Cuba, Honduras, Japan, Denmark, and Sweden. Her international background and experience help bring a global perspective and best practices to granular issues.  Her recent work includes facilitating a Certificate in Sustainability Leadership at Dalhousie University for the past 5 years, working to bring the Participatory City initiative from the UK to Halifax, and developing the Placemaking Canada network.  In her free time, you can find Sophia swimming at a lake, walking in the forest, chasing her toddler through streams, or dancing with her movement troupe.

Sophia can be reached at

Olu Osunrinde, Online Animator

Olu is a social innovator, ready to discover and initiate effective solutions. He has focused a lot of his energy on community development. Olu’s passion for community development began at the age of 16 when he recognized that some of the displaced people arriving in Abuja, Nigeria where he then lived were being judged and ostracized. The injustice of this bothered him and he decided to use soccer as a medium to integrate the less privileged teens he saw with those who were better off.

Olu has a first degree in Computer Science (Technology) and completed his master’s in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation in January 2020. He loves technology and design and finds great satisfaction when they come together to create a great experience.

Olu is excited to join the inspiring communities’ team as an Online Animator. He supports WeavEast with communications and provides tech support to our online learning community.

Olu can be reached at

Gregory Woolner, Research & Evaluation

Gregory is a lifelong learner dedicated to tackling social and environmental challenges one step at a time through collaboration and research. With an academic background in Sociology and Adult Education, and as a partner of COLAB, he brings many years of experience in program design, facilitation, evaluation, and project management. Lately his work has been split between initiatives that seek to increase civic participation (currently leading a year long public engagement process to develop the new Master Plan for the Halifax Common) and working as developmental evaluator on regional and national efforts, including work with NouLab – NB’s Social and Public Innovation Lab, Canada’s EcoFiscal Commission, the Pan Canadian Joint Consortium on School Health, and The Donner Canadian Foundation.

In his mid-twenties, while facilitating hundreds of interactive music workshops across Ontario, he realized that supporting people to create new and exciting things together was his calling in life.

Gregory can be reached at

Miranda Cobb, Research & Evaluation

Miranda supports evaluation and learning for Inspiring Communities as a whole, WeavEast and Between the Bridges. She works closely with the teams to create a culture of reflection and adaptation through developmental evaluation and process facilitation. Miranda brings curiosity and a sense of exploration to her goal of amplifying innovation in complex systems change work. She has 15 years of experience in research, evaluation and community development including a Master’s in Political Economy and a Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation and Systems Thinking. After journeying to many parts of the world, Miranda feels most at home here in Nova Scotia and is dedicated to collective efforts that help it shine even brighter!

Miranda is currently on maternity leave and will be back in September 2020.