Northside Changemakers Program

Northside Rising aims to support, empower and celebrate Changemakers on the Northside. This program is designed to grow the skills, connections and confidence needed to put community hope into action. 

The Northside Changemakers Program is a good fit for people looking to get involved in the community and connect with others, while developing a community project serving the Northside. Along the way, participants will receive training, coaching, and seed funding for a community project that they lead! They will also finish the program with a certified training that meets their individual needs, such as: Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Mental Health First Aid, Naloxone and more.

For more information, see our 2022 Northside Changemaker Program Brochure or contact Suzi Oram-Aylward:

Northside Rising recognizes the support of the Catherine Donnelly Foundation for this cohort of the Northside Changemakers Program.


Stories of Change

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Avery Varnes is a Northside Changemaker Lorraine Pye-Varnes is a Northside Changemaker Felicity Clarkson is a changemaker Kathleen Robinson is a changemaker Estelle Levangie






Lawrence Shebib is a Northside Changemaker