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Pandemic Perspectives

Pandemic Perspectives Blog Series


In the months since the COVID Pandemic was declared, we have learned a great deal about the global, community and personal impacts of this new infectious disease.  The effects of COVID-19 have been profound. 

As of July 25th, the world has reached over 16 million cases, millions of people have died. And we know it will continue to have economic and health impacts in the months to come.  

Here on Cape Breton Island, the pandemic has highlighted many of our vulnerabilities, but it has also demonstrated the resilience of our communities. 

This blog will profile members of the Northside community, and their experiences during the COVID 19 pandemic. It will showcase people who have made contributions through the arts, community services, community mobilization, youth groups and more.

It aims to illustrate how people have managed their lives through the first phase of the COVID crisis, while also outlining ideas and suggestions for future action as we prepare for an inevitable second wave.   



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