Creating our Shared Agenda

Success with Collective Impact depends on identifying the priorities of the community, with community, and making decisions where to start. There is also a need to use data to help guide decisions and prioritize the direction of peoples’ time and talent. The following shares the journey so far!


  • Data was assembled that presented a compelling narrative for Dartmouth North, indicating multiple inter-related challenges and contributing factors to a community struggling with deep-rooted poverty.
  • A Community Consultation involved over 200 people that further validated the “lived experience” of many residents with vital insights into the challenges.
  • A 3-year Memorandum of Understanding between the Province of Nova Scotia, United Way Halifax was negotiated for strategic investment in “backbone” resources (Staff, offices, research, engagement processes, etc.) to bring a Collective Impact approach to Between the Bridges.


  • Between the Bridges Backbone Staff Team were hired and established a Base Camp in community (68 Highfield Park Drive) designed for hosting and convening groups working collectively on the priorities.
  • Over 700 diverse perspectives were engaged in the 600 Voices in ’16 Community Survey to prioritize the issues identified in 2015 and help decide what Between the Bridges should begin.

Based on data, community insight, funder outcomes, and with regard for what was already happening in the community, Between the Bridges is committed to the following priorities known as our Shared Agenda:

Early Success in Collective Impact

S.P.A.N. (Strengths, People, Action, Neighbourhoods)

Providing early opportunities for residents and the public, private, and not-for profit sectors to successfully work together is important to our collective approach. SPAN has been designed to do just that, with an additional focus on learning as we go and adapting along the way!

SPAN is designed to support resident initiated projects that are planned and implemented by people working together with community organizations, businesses and/or levels of government.

SPAN was created to improve Community Fabric, a priority of Between the Bridges’ Shared Agenda.