Rental Space

Inspiring Communities is partnering with NS GovLab, a social innovation lab focused on population aging in Nova Scotia.

We’re partnering to develop a network of those working on issues related to aging well. To find out more about what’s going on at NS GovLab, follow on Twitter, Youtube, or Medium.


NS GovLab Rental Space

Together, we host a space at 1273 Hollis St., Halifax, for the purposes of a Social Innovation Lab. The work in this space allows people to cultivate relationships, value learning over knowing, feel needed, be their whole selves, and co-create a future for all Nova Scotians.

Our space is open to people and organizations who reflect our ways of working and are committed to inclusive ways of working. The work done here is done in a container where people can test assumptions, develop ideas and practices towards solutions for complex challenges, and be creative.


The Space

The lab at 1273 Hollis St offers many options for organizations and individuals looking for working and meeting space which inspires collaboration and innovation. We have three large meeting areas with a mix of tables, work chairs, and lounge areas for shared working and reflection. We can accommodate meetings of up to 75 people. Our space is perfect for groups working in circle, world cafes, focus groups, and social innovation ideation and prototyping.

Internet & Audio/Visual

There is a guest internet available for meetings. We can provide use of projector, speakers, and microphones. You are required to provide a device with auxiliary audio connections and a video device with an HDMI connection.


Our work and space are driven by our principles grounded in creating equity and safety for all stakeholders. We aim to build networks and connections grounded in a belief in the importance of relationships. We seek diversity and we invite people to be whole humans in the lab. We value work which pushes people outside of their comfort zones, with respect for learning and equity. We want to change systems while also allowing for whimsy, creativity, and wonder. To co-create a better future, we aim to start somewhere, and go everywhere.

Our space is modular, and the design can be shifted to meet your needs. To enter the building there are two access points. The front entrance off Hollis has a short staircase and two wide doors entering into the space.  There is an entrance on Morris Street with a ramp. There are bus stops on Barrington and Lower Water St. Let us know your needs and we will do our best to accommodate wherever possible.


Organizations and individuals renting the space at 1273 Hollis St agrees to all liability relating to food & catering. If required and requested, renters may have access to a fridge. A microwave is available on site. We ask that any catering brought into the space be provided by a social enterprise or a local business which aligns with our principles of accessibility and equity. Our space is stocked with cutlery and dishware. We would prefer you did not use single use plastics or Styrofoam for catering. Alcohol is not permitted on site for external functions.

















Our Rates

(includes projector, whiteboards, audio)

$125.00 ½ Day (up to 4 hours 7am – Noon, Noon – 5pm)
$250.00 Full Day (up to 7.5 hours)
Weekends & Evenings: $400 for 5-7 hours.

*Need the space for less that 4 hours, contact us and let us know and we will do our best to
Non-profit & Government & Partner Discount: 50%
Additional discounts available based on needs, budgets, partnerships.


For our full details on this space, please read the IC NS GovLab Rental Agreement. 

For any questions, please contact the team at NS GovLab at 902-405-2655